About me

I was born in southern Italy in 1973.
Studied in Florence, where obtained a master’s degree in Interior Design and previously in Intercultural Linguistic Communication in Lecce with a thesis based on contemporary artists of Arab origin emerging in the Western world.

I paint on canvas and paper and produce graphic projects, as well as custom artworks.


My work comes from a focus on the landscape, on the elaboration of natural details and the atmosphere they can evoke. The way I paint is the result of two fundamental and opposing tendencies: the analysis of the lines which at the same time break up and form the image, which explicitly referes to digital graphic printing – that are generally spread over large canvases, whose background is mostly a ‘pearly‘ and iridescent monochrome; and a way of brushing that dissolves the image. The attention is always focused on the perception of the subject, whose plastic value is highlighted in his essential profiles. Starting from a photorealistic base, in all cases, my research gives way to abstraction, suggesting sensations and emotions, which vary as the point of observation varies, since according to the point of view and lighting, some lines rather than others are perceptible; sometimes instead the art reasearch invests the entire environment of the exhibition, with site-specific works installed, where the protagonist is the space of the exhibition itself, within which the painting dialogues with it.

Main shows and projects

2023/22 – Four Seasons Private Residences Collection with Sybille de Margerie Interior Design Studio Project for H&H Development LLCDUBAI UAE – Josephine Fossey Studio PARIS art consultant for the FS residences DUBAI

2020- 60x60x60 Circoloquadro, MILANO
2018- Dimensione Fragile – curated by A.Dambruoso, J.Pignatelli, Biblioteca Vallicelliana, ROMA
2016- Bocs Art Residency x the New Museum of Contemporary art, curated by A.Dambruoso, COSENZA

2015 – Statements 2015 – Circoloquadro, curated by I.Quaroni- MILANO

2008 – IIt’s Liquid–Liquid cities and identities NEW YORK – LACDA LOS ANGELES

– Polveri madri di civiltà- Alberobello (Ba)
– E.P. Zone, Art Residency curated by L.Cherin, L. Negro, F.DeFilippi, LECCE

2007/06 – Albania e terra di Brindisi – curated by M. Guastella Mesagne (BR)

2006 – Olio d’autore -curated by M.Guastella – Installation in the oil mill Primolio- Casarano (LE)
– Costruzione corale – Arte in Parabita Parabita (LE)
2005 – Hypegallery Assab-one- MILANO
– Dhen milo ellenikà Io non parlo italiano- Art Residency curated by L.Negro,G.Norese,Cherin LECCE

2004 – GAP- Giovani artisti pugliesi, curated by A.Marino, L.De Venere, M. DiTursi, BARI

2002 – Galleria Studio Legale in ARTEFIERA- BOLOGNA
2001 – Platone in the mirror- De Crescenzo e Viesti Gallery – ROMA
1999 – Porta D’Oriente – curated by Gianni Romano – Bisceglie (BA)
– Studio Legale Gallery in Artissima- ArtFair -TORINO
Italy Auctions:
2007 – 200 Contemporary ArtWorks for A.M.R.E.F. Casa d’Aste Babuino, edited by M. Di Leo. ROMA

2005/06 – Red Tone – Cherin artecontemporanea LECCE / Deep – ass.cult. FondoVerri LECCE
2000 – Night Path -Studio Legale Gallery CASERTA


2006 –1st Prize ex-aequo ‘Dipingèremo’ for the painting ‘Fiori di Roccia’ – SULMONA

2002 – 3rd Prize ‘Cinema e Narrativa’ for a critical review with Cinemavvenire Association, promoted by the Ministry of Education and following participation in the special youth jury of Venice Cinefestival 2002VENEZIA

Main Bibliography

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2008- Il Paese Nuovo
2008 – La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (6thApril)
2008 – La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (12thApril)
2006- La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (January)
2006- La Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno (31stAugust)
2006- TG3 Agricoltura.RAI 3 – Olio d’autore
2006- ‘Frattura Scomposta’ pdf review, n.7 director Sergio Curtacci
2006- ‘Arte e Luoghi’. ‘Sogni su pareti di carta, A. Serafino, Lecce
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1999- ‘La Repubblica’ Bari (Settembre)

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